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Earth Hour

March 29th at 8 pm (your local time) is Earth Hour. The idea is to shut off all your lights (I suggest all your power) for 60 minutes starting at 8 pm. I hope that you will sign up to show your support here.

While doing this action for one hour a year is not going to stop climate change, it does send a message to governments and corporations that people care about this issue.

Earth Hour Logo

Bullfrog Power: Best company ever?

I got a email today from our electricity provider Bullfrog Power letting us know that our locked in rate with them was going down because of lower costs. Are they insane? This is no way to treat customers! They may tell friends!


Bullfrog Power is an electricity retailer in Ontario and Alberta that sources 100% renewable (wind and small scale hydro) power that you can sign up to receive. It costs you a few cents more per kWh on your bill but you can offset that by making a few energy improvements around your house. Overall it cost us about $100 more a year to have Bullfrog Power.

So do yourself and the environment a favour and sign up today!

By the way these sorts of emails will get your company a permanent link at the bottom of the site, Bell Canada I hope you take notice!

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