Jamas.Net Is All WordPress Baby!

Well it took me enough time to get around to this.  I have been running WordPress on this site for many years way back with WordPress 1.8 but it has always been only a portion of my site, basically just the blog.  Well no longer.  WordPress is not running all of Jamas.Net.  Sorry if the change gives you any issues with the site, hopefully all my redirects work. Let me know if you find an issue.

Jamas.Net now running WordPress 3.0

Much thanks to all the people who made WordPress 3.0 happen.  Again another great set of new features added.  Checkout the video to see what is new.  I imagine that there will be an explosion of new themes to support the custom menu functionality.  Can’t wait!


Jamas.Net Turns Up the Heat with FeedBurner

One of the tips coming out of WordCamp Toronto was to use a service like FeedBurner for your sites feeds.  I have covered a few times on this site how RSS feeds work, check out the related posts below.  What FeedBurner does is redirect all the feeds through FeedBurner, which allows the feed owner to track useful stats like the number of subscribers and the number of posts are being read.  So if you happen to be a subscriber try picking up the new feed so I know you are out there.

Powered by FeedBurner

Jamas.net Joins BlackSun Affiliate Program

BlackSun is the hosting company that I have been using for years to host Jamas.Net and many other websites.  There level of service and support is outstanding.  They also take pride in their products, with updates and improvements to their offering being done on a regular basis.  I have been recommending them to friends for years and will continue to do so, now with a little kick back to me.  So if you are thinking about starting a web project then we should talk (WordPress) and you should click on the banner below to see what BlackSun can offer you.