ecoEnergy Retrofit Homes Program Cancelled

Yesterday, it was quietly announced that the program ecoEnergy Retrofit  Homes program has been canceled.  This is really too bad as the program was very popular, to the point were the government was forced to add more money each year to cover all the grants.  I have completed one project under the program, a geothermal system, and currently we are in the process of a home renovation that will qualify for some grant money.  It seems a shame that the Government of Canada would cancel the program as it seemed to be achieving two goals, the obvious environmental impact of lowering a homes environmental impact and also encouraging people to put money back into their homes.

Earth Hour

March 29th at 8 pm (your local time) is Earth Hour. The idea is to shut off all your lights (I suggest all your power) for 60 minutes starting at 8 pm. I hope that you will sign up to show your support here.

While doing this action for one hour a year is not going to stop climate change, it does send a message to governments and corporations that people care about this issue.

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