Beer == Solar Power

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co., located about 1 hour outside of Ottawa, produces some mighty fine beer, burp! They also have the most impressive graphic designs that I have ever seen from a beer company, their beer labels are real works of art.

As part of a new project, to lighten their environmental impact, they are adding solar panels to the roof of the brewery. They have come up with an ingenious way to get this project funded by selling memberships to their Greener Futures Project. Membership is $300, which entitles you to 30 large bottles of barrel aged beer, that are only available to members. I have had 5 of the bottles so far, 4 have been stellar, with the one sour beer being a little too much for me.  If you like beer and live in Ottawa or Toronto then this is a great way to help the planet while enjoying some very tasty brews.

Greener Futures Project