WordCamp Toronto 2010 Review

Just got done with WordCamp Toronto 2010.  What a great event, congrats to Mathieu and Melissa for a job well done.  It was great to meet a wide range of people, that are either just starting with blogging or WordPress, all the way up to theme/plugin developers.

My top ten list of things I like about the weekend:

  1. The networking was great.  There was lots of time for chatting with other attendees and directly with speakers.
  2. The Brad Gosse SEO talk was filled with great tips on a topic that many, including myself struggle with.
  3. I am actually thinking of getting a Twitter account, which was something I said would never happen.  Thanks to Jeremy Wright for kick starting that process.
  4. The Trailmeme plugin demo was great, more about this in another post, but I do think this is something that could impact the way we interact with the web.
  5. I am pumped about WordPress 3.0, which should be out in May.  Charles thanks for the demo of the new menu system on your site, and for coming all the way out from New Brunswick.
  6. I am starting to rethink my approach to the Capital Dining project, that we have been working on for a long time.  It currently uses a custom build plugin to manage reviews of restaurants, developed mostly by Steve Morton.  At the time that site was launched on  WordPress 2.4, it seemed like the only way forward. Thanks to the several speakers that talked about WordPress as a CMS for the tips.
  7. It was amazing to see how people have pushed WordPress into domains that were once held by custom CMS systems.  Some of the stories, that talked about the insane amount of money given to developers to come up with something that WordPress does for free, were inspiring.  I plan to take up this challenge in Ottawa by getting more people hooked on WordPress.
  8. Facilities were great.
  9. Well organized and well attended.
  10. It left me wanting more.

I hope to be back at WordCamp Toronto 2011 and maybe to Montreal this summer for their WordCamp.