Jamas.net now running WordPress 2.9

The WordPress has done another fantastic job with version 2.9 of WordPress. You can check out the list of features added but let me highlight the two that I am most excited about.

The first is the ability to batch update plugins. I am running 10+ WordPress sites at the moment which means keeping the those sites updated is a fair amount of work. This should make updating plugins a snap!

The second change is the ability to embed video directly in a post without the use of a plugin. I have been having a hard time finding a plugin that does this really well.

So again to the WordPress team thanks again for an amazing update.

Jamas.net now running WordPress 2.8

Another great release of WordPress has been released. WordPress 2.8 provides the back end user with lots of ability to control the look of each section of the admin menu. Great for hiding features that get in the way of an efficient work flow.

I have been working on some new projects using a few other CMS systems. WordPress still continues to stand out as my favourite because the WordPress team has put an amazing amount of effort into making the admin interface easy and intuitive.

As a reader of this site it should seem a little snappier with 2.8.

A big thanks to the WordPress team for another great release.