MySQL management with Navicat 8

For a new web project I had a large amount of data (over 7000 entries) that I had to load into several tables in a MySQL database. I originally went down the path of attempting to do this via SQL commands, but realized this was going to take more database knowledge then I had. So I went looking for a tool that could help me do this.

After trying out a few free demos I found Navicat 8 for MySQL. They had a free 30 day demo that did everything I needed. The upload of the data was a big success (took me 5 times to get the data exactly how I wanted it) and with Navicat I was able to do the data upload directly from an Excel spreadsheet. I was so impressed with this tool that I ended up buying a licenses. I have now made it part of my normal web project work flow: database backups, database repairs and browsing database structures when working on new projects.