NRC – Dimensions

The NRC, National Research Council of Canad, has just kicked off its new online magazine, Dimensions,  to highlight the work they do.   It provides some interesting insight into the work that is going on in Canada’s R&D community. The NRC employees 4000+ people across Canada, including over its history 10 nobel prize winners.  It works closely with universities and industry to further advance science in Canada and around the world.  The NRC has and continues to carry out very important research, I hope you will take the time to learn more in their new magazine.

The Gospel of Green

If you have a 40 minutes to spare I really suggest you take the time to watch The Gospel of Green – Video | CBC News: the fifth estate. It hightlights the green revolution in Germany and points out how far Canada is falling behind other countries. Here’s a synopsis of the show:

As the world confronts the reality of global warming and the inevitable end of oil, the questions of what to do and how to sustain energy without oil or fossil fuels becomes more urgent. Bob McKeown and a fifth estate team travel to Germany to meet Hermannn Scheer, called “Europe’s Al Gore,” a parliamentarian who is leading the way to increase Germany’s reliance on renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar power. To date, 15% of Germany’s energy comes from renewable sources. Scheer estimates that if Germany continues on this course, by 2030 that will be 100%. So, if one of the world major industrialized nations can achieve this, why can’t a country like Canada? The answer may lie in the fifth estate‘s investigation of the influence, in this country, of conventional energy industry on politicians.