JOSSA – Jamas Open-Source Software Awards

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, endless hours at work and a few more in the evening working on web projects. At one time most my work was done using computer programs created by large corporations and purchased, sometimes for a hefty price.  That is no longer the case, open-source software has taken over.  These software applications span from small plugins/addons to large applications and operating systems.

There is a lot of time and sweat put into these projects by developers who do it for the love of programming.  I created JOSSA to recognize these efforts with a small donation, $10, to ten projects that have improve my digital life over the past year. It is not much, but it is the thought that counts! The project doesn’t necessarily have to be open-source but the software must be free and developed in that spirit. Check out the past winners and start your own award. Click the year link to see details of each years winners.

2012 JOSSA

2011 JOSSA (skipped)

2010 JOSSA

2009 JOSSA