Hook It Up

This post has been a long time coming!  Every time I walk into a Future Shop, Best Buy or The Source – I take a little stroll down the cable aisle.  I really should stay away because that little stroll stresses me out – I fly through the emotions of amusement, shock and then anger.  What does this to me is the price of the A/V cables at these various stores.

What a rip off!  A $150 for a 1 meter HDMI cable has to be a misprint.  A quick chat with one of the sales guy confirms that the price is right.  When I express my shock at the price I get the standard sales pitch of “The quality is amazing!” and “You won’t get the same picture from a cheaper cable.”  One sales guy even went so far to suggest that the cable did up converting.  Pretty impressive for a piece of wire – idiot!

What a bunch of crap! Don’t get suckered in.  These expensive cables are all just marketing hype – so do yourself a favour stay away and save your money.  Actually the only cable I have ever had fail on me was a very expensive Monster audio cable.

My background is computer engineering, so I am by no means an expert on signal integrity and such exciting topics.  However, I do work with a whole bunch of these types who share this view.  Debating the theory behind all this would take me way off topic and is better left to A/V sites.

So what should you do when you get that new piece of A/V equipment?  First tell the sales guy to take a hike when he walks you over to the cable aisle, then go home and check out these sites:

  • Mono Price – I have bought a bunch of stuff from this shop.  Prices are almost too low – equivalent HDMI cable to above is less then $5!  They are base in the US. Shipping is usually over a week using USPS so no crazy brokerage fees.  Great customer service.
  • Blue Jeans Cable – I have never purchased from them but I am thinking of giving them my next order.  The reason why is they are sticking it to Monster Cable.  Read more here.

If you really want a laugh then check out this cable from Denon – $500 for a 1.5 meter ethernet cable.  If you bought one of these then get in touch with me because I have a few high quality things to sell you.