Free Collector Cards From

Every once in a while the Canadian Mint comes out with a nice collector card to a circulation coin set they are about to release.  There are limited numbers so you have to act quick if you here about it.  Right now it is the Vacouver 2010 card but there are none left. Regardless here is the link for future reference.

  • carol

    I want to get a free collector coin card ,but i don’t
    know how to get one.Please tell me about it.Thanks


    where can i get these collector cards

  • The free cards from are no longer available. Once in a while they release a new collection card for free, the problem is finding out about it before they are all gone. I try to let people now via a posting on this site as soon as I find out. The other option is to check out the site and sign up for their monthly news letter.

    If you happen to be in Ottawa or Winnipeg then you might want to head over to the Mint. I was there a few months ago to see the Olympic medals. At that event they were giving away collector cards and allowing people to echange quarters for some of the Olympic versions.