2007 Election: Voting begins in two days!

The advance polls in Ontario will open in two days. I really encourage you to go vote. It is one of the most important roles we play a citizens.

You will also be given a ballot on the referendum question, which asks if the system for voting in Ontario should be changed. You will have two choices: the current system called first-past-the-post (FPTP) and a new system proposed be the Ontario Citizens Assembly called Mixed Member Proportional (MMP). You need to understand what is being asked and what the two systems will produce for the province of Ontario in future elections.

I really encourage you to vote for the new MMP system. A group of 103 people from every riding in the province spent over 8 months studying the voting systems in countries all over the world. The looked at our current system and the problems that are inherent in a system that was designed for two party politics. MMP is a great compromise between various systems. Ridings still maintain a locally elected representative. The big improvement in the new system is that it produces results that are closer to the will of the voters. No longer would a party receive less then half of the votes cast and end up with over 60% of the seats and 100% of the power.

If you have questions or comments then please post them or email me. I am more then happy to convince you to vote for MMP.